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Looking for Property for Sale or rent in the


ARIRANG is a boutique real estate agency committed to helping EXPATRIATE clients

find the best real estate in Seoul(all), and Incheon(Songdo) .

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1.  Extended Coverage Area

Located in the heart of Seoul, ARIRANG extends its coverage

as far as the greater Seoul Capital Area, which is the metropolitan area of SEOUL, INCHEON and GYEONGGI-DO. 


The SCA has a population of 25.7 million (as of 2017) and is ranked as the fifth largest metropolitan area in the world. About 60% of expats live in these areas.

The Seoul Capital Area, Korea





2.  Co-Brokerage

Benefits of Co-Brokerage

Co-Brokerage is a way of business in which a broker participates in facilitating a real estate transaction with another broker who listed the property.

   To Work Solely on Behalf of YOU

          to Protect YOUR Best Interests

CO-BROKERAGE makes it possible:

    To Expand Our Coverage

    To Find a Better Property Faster

3.  One Stop Service

We offer you the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location, which means you can find most of what you need, including information, in our office, without having to contact every local realtor all over the region  to attain related services. The wider coverage area through the co-brokerage system enables us to be a qualified one-stop service provider in the Seoul Capital Area.

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Real Estate One-Stop Service
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