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Korean Offices, Stores and Buildings For Sale or Rent

Spacious Offices For Rent in MAGOK, Seoul 

If you are interested in renting a spacious office with excellent location for airport connection in Seoul, MAYPLACE or CUCKOO, in the heart of Magok, will be an ideal building for you.

- MAYPLACE close to  Magoknaru Station (Line 9, AREX)

  • No. of Floors: 18 Floors (12 Above Ground & 6 Below)

  • Land: 2,295.00 m²

  • Parking: 207 vehicles

  • Completion: Nov. 2021

- Cuckoo  close to Magok Station (Line 5)

  • No. of Floors: 18 Floors (12 Above Ground & 6 Below)

  • Land: 2,918.00 m²

  • Parking: 270 vehicles

  • Completion: Jan. 2021

※   Mayplace is missing from Google Maps.
     (Magoknaru Station is the NEAREST address.)

          RETAIL / OFFICE Space For Rent in Magok

If you are looking for a retail / office space in Seoul, MOGR#1 located at 2-minute walk from Balsan Station (Line 3) might be a good option for you. 

** Retail/Office For Rent in Magok, Seoul  **



  • No. of Floors: 18 Floors (13 Above Ground & 5 Below)

  • Parking: 552 vehicles

  • Location: Corner on the 2nd Floor

  • Exclusive Area(Net Size): 129.2 

  • Rental Price: KRW 80mil(Deposit)/6.8mil(MO Rent)

  • Completion: July, 2017

  • Occupation: Immediately

Pre-rented BANK Commercial Property in Magok

If you are looking for a commercial property which will give you safety along with good return, Pre-Rented Property is one of the best ways to create second source of income. The Pre-Rented BANK Commercial Property in Magok, Seoul will be the best option for you.

** Pre-Rented BANK For Sale  in Magok, Seoul **

  • No. of Floors: 14 Floors (10 Above Ground & 4 Below)

  • Parking: 130 vehicles

  • No. of Units For Sale: 1~6 units on the 1st Floor

  • Exclusive Area(Net Size): 51~330 m²

  • Purchase Price: KRW 2~12.88 Billion

  • Completion: December, 2019

  • Expected ROI: 4.05~4.08%

      Hotel Room For Sale - Shilla Monogram, Gangwon-do

Shilla Monogram offers fractional ownership of a 5-star luxury condo hotel in Gangneung, Korea. It will be managed by Shilla Hotel (an affiliate of Samsung), the top hotel operator. Owners can decide to live in the unit as they please or they can add it to the hotel’s room inventory.

** Shilla Monogram in Gangwon-do **

  • No. of Floors: 22 Floors (21 Above Ground & 1 Below)

  • No. of Units : 1,105 units (Hotel: 322, Residence: 783)

  • Land: 68,158.00 m²

  • Parking: 1,474 vehicles

  • Completion: Feb. 2025

  • Purchase Price / Unit: KRW 0.49~3.1 Billion

   Hotel Room For Sale - Inscape Yangyang, Gangwon-do

Parnas offers fractional ownership of the tallest modern luxury condo hotel("Inscape Yangyang") in Gangwon-do. It will be managed by Parnas Hotel (an affiliate of GS Retail), the leading hotel operator.

** Inscape Yangnang in Gangwon-do **

  • No. of Floors: 46 Floors (39 Above Ground & 7 Below)

  • No. of Units : 393 units 

  • Land: 2,974.00 m²

  • Parking:  334 vehicles

  • Completion: Oct. 2026

  • Purchase Price / Unit: KRW 0.48~3.23 Billion

Top Office Buildings, Houses & Infrastructure  in Yeouido

As one of three major business districts in Seoul, Yeouido Business District (YBD) is the center of finance, banking, and business. Referred to as the Wall Street of Korea, it is a home to lots of (foreign) investment firms and banks.

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